Patrick Swanson, Artistic Director at Revels
Sue is one of the best graphic designers in the Boston area. Over a long working relationship I have found her blend of curiosity, artistry and meticulous craftsmanship has produced a body of work that is distinctive in its quality and effectiveness. Perhaps because she began her career setting type in letterpress she has a genius for finding the perfect fonts. In my experience, she is thrifty with budgets and attentive to deadlines. 
On a larger plane, I would trust Sue's eye in any area that has a visual component. Over the years I have solicited her views and benefited from her opinions at every level of production. I am delighted to recommend her to any future employer.

Phyllis Ewen, Owner, Phyllis Ewen, Artist and Fine Art Specialist
I have had the pleasure of working with Sue Ladr recently, when she designed a small catalogue of my work. Her impeccable design sense had been obvious to me from the work I'd seen over many years, but her work exceeded my already high expectations. 

Probably like many clients, I only had vague ideas about what I wanted and a budget. Sue made possibility concrete and helped me to understand what it was that best showed off my art. She was available for discussion and revision, always on top of the issues. 

She guided me through from initial conception to the final printing process, working with the printer in a professional manner. My catalogue has been praised by all who see it and for this I credit my designer, Sue Ladr.

Tony Matos, President/Owner, Altos - A Digital Agency. Internet Marketing, Advertising and Web Consultant
Over the course of the previous 3-5 years, Sue has contributed to numerous design related projects between our 2 companies. As a freelance graphic designer, her work is highly creative, current and in keeping with client goals and objectives. I welcome future opportunities to collaborate and work together. She is a pleasure to work with and her competency spans both print and web.

Darlene DeVita, Photographer
I've known Sue as both a neighbor and a colleague. It has been such a pleasure to work with someone so bright, so passionate and informed with social media and web technology. She has initiative, she's a collaborator, and goes the extra step to make things happen. She writes press releases, helps review the artwork, is actively involved with the curating/hanging of shows, prepares for Openings, and keeps up the website and web page, as well as designing posters and postcards when necessary. Thanks Sue!

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